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The AI-powered Approach to Agile Transformation

Agile transformation represents a multifaceted journey requiring extensive learning and adaptation.

AGAILE’s AI-powered application, CAT, is designed to facilitate this journey.

It helps everyone involved to find faster access to agile concepts and tools such as jira and Jira align.

AI makes the difference for transformations

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CAT AGAILE - for the community

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CAT Web app community edition

KI als Wegbereiter für agile Arbeitsweisen.


The vision how AI enables new work

The CAT version above is limited in response length. To get the unlimited community version please click the link below, register and confirm your e-mail. It’s free.

Deutsch: KI Technik für Nicht-Techniker

English: AI Technology for Non-Technicians

C like ChatBot

Chatting with CAT offers real-time assistance and answers queries on Atlassian products and agile principles, enhancing mutual understanding, providing deeper insights, and facilitating a steeper learning curve.

A like Assistant

It streamlines your workflow by generating agile-focused content with expertise and efficiency. CAT is your go-to tool for creating informed, agile-related materials, enhancing your productivity in agile environments.

T like Tutor

CAT’s tutor feature adapts to your learning style and existing agile knowledge, offering a personalized and effective educational experience.

Our array of expertise

Bytesource, the force behind the brand and initiative, stands as a trusted authority in Cloud, Atlassian, DevOps, and Agile Software Development. With nearly 15 years of experience serving a diverse range of mid-sized to large customers, we possess the comprehensive expertise necessary to drive successful agile transformations through technology.

Our extensive background allows us to grasp the overarching context of your needs, enabling us to tailor our support precisely to your requirements.

SAFe / Agile at Scale

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is an effective methodology for introducing Agile practices across large-scale organizations. It serves as a comprehensive model for facilitating Agile transformations, enabling businesses to adapt to the rapidly changing digital world. The increasing integration of AI into the SAFe network has further streamlined these transformations, enhancing efficiency and simplifying complex operations.


Jira Align is a software solution that enhances enterprise visibility by consolidating team data and aiding strategic alignment. It supports various roles and accommodates Agile frameworks. The integration of artificial intelligence amplifies real-time insights and predictive analytics, thereby enhancing decision-making processes and augmenting productivity.


DevOps creates a synergy between people, processes, and technologies, propelling business performance. It covers all lifecycle phases with transparency and employs metrics to ensure optimal operations. The integration of AI in DevOps has become essential, significantly enhancing operational efficiency, automating workflows, and improving software quality through real-time issue detection and resolution.

Agile Software Development

Agile software development prioritizes flexibility, collaboration, and customer satisfaction. Agile practices adapt swiftly to changing requirements, fostering a culture of continuous improvement to deliver top-notch software solutions. AI is enhancing efficiency, productivity, and quality and is used in areas like requirement analysis, project management, and testing, simplifying complex tasks and aiding decision-making.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a comprehensive cloud computing platform. It provides an array of services, from computing, storage, and networking to database, analytics, and machine learning solutions, bolstering operational efficiency.


Atlassian offers an array of collaborative tools, including Jira Software, Confluence, and Trello. Through the integration of AI into its ecosystem, Atlassian is transforming team collaboration. Its suite of tools streamlines content creation, code reviews, alerting, and communication, thereby enhancing efficiency and driving better outcomes.“

Your Challenge. Our Expertise. Your Solution.

Are you just think about your business challanges? Let our AI pinpoint the problem!

Describe your business challenge, in a dialogue in the window below. Then take the results away or let it be forwared to our experts.

While CAT simplifies Agile learning, AGAILE ensures a comprehensive transformation journey. At AGAILE, we don’t just provide solutions – we co-create transformational journeys. The AGAILE approach aims to optimize and integrate Atlassian and AWS tools using AI, while simultaneously collaborating with internal and external consultants and all stakeholders to reduce complexity and simplify processes.

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