Agility Level Questionnaire

Ein Team von Wissenschaftlern arbeitet an einem Standard Test für Agilität. In sechs Dimensionen wird ermittelt, auf welchem Stand ein Agiles Team sich befindet. Die Skala reicht von 1 kein agiles Arbeiten bis 5 perfekt agiles Arbeiten. Testen Sie sich selbst. Das Testergebnis wir als Spinnendiagramm ausgegeben. Der Test ist in englischer Sprache.


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What is CAT?

CAT is Chatbot, Assistant and Tutor.

Chatting with CAT offers real-time assistance and answers queries on Atlassian products and agile principles, enhancing mutual understanding, providing deeper insights, and facilitating a steeper learning curve.

She streamlines your workflow by generating agile-focused content with expertise and efficiency. CAT is your go-to tool for creating informed, agile-related materials, enhancing your productivity in agile environments.

CAT’s tutor feature adapts to your learning style and existing agile knowledge, offering a personalized and effective educational experience.

She can have various implementations in different technical environments. It can be using OpenAI, AWS or other platforms.

While CAT simplifies Agile learning, AGAILE ensures a comprehensive transformation journey. At, we don’t just provide solutions – we co-create transformational journeys. The AGAILE approach aims to optimize and integrate Atlassian and AWS tools using AI, while simultaneously collaborating with internal and external consultants and all stakeholders to reduce complexity and simplify processes.

What is agaile?

The agile manifesto has not only initiated a change in the way software is produced, it has also changed the paradigm according to which companies are managed. And this trend continues.

The rapid pace of change in all areas of society and the economy requires ever faster implementation.

Since change management is primarily about changing people’s perceptions and behavior, training is a classic approach to tackling this problem.

But with the advances of true conversational AI, there is a much better way. People from different organizational backgrounds can ask an agile chatbot their questions and discuss their problems.

When working with Microsoft Office, Atlassian Confluence, Salesforce and other tools, integrated AI capabilities help produce better content faster.

And in the area of software development, AI not only supports programming, but also testing, automation and documentation.

These simplifications provide a significantly improved framework for companies to develop an agile way of working.

The imminent introduction of intelligent assistants that also act autonomously will further increase the benefits.

All in all: agaile

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